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Power IC Includes Battery Charger And Step-Down Converter In One Package

The AAT2556 is Advanced Analogic Technologies’ first multi-function SystemPower IC to combine a battery charger and a step-down converter in one package. By sizing the converter appropriately and integrating a battery charger in the device, the IC maximizes power efficiency while occupying only 9 sq. mm of pc-board real estate. According to the company, previous solutions require 67% more space.

The step-down converter delivers an output of up to 250 mA. It operates in both fixed- and variable-frequency modes at efficiencies up to 96%. No-load quiescent current is 30 microamps. A 1.5-MHz switching frequency minimizes the size of external components and keeps switching losses low. The battery charger is a complete constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger. Designed to run from USB or ac adapter inputs in a 4.0- to 6.5-V range, the charger includes a reverse blocking diode to regulate battery charge voltage and current for single-cell lithium-ion batteries. Users can program the charging current from 15 to 500 mA via an external resistor. For safety, the AAT2556 implements over-voltage, over-current, and thermal protection circuits.

The AAT2556 is available immediately in a lead-free 3-by-3-mm, 12-pin TDFN package.
The device sells for $1.68 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Visit www.analogictech.com

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