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Power Interface Boards Increase Design Flexibility

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Designed for the power section of a backplane, new Power Interface Boards (PIBs) are separate boards that facilitate the use of pluggable power supplies, headers and utility connectors. Typically, standard backplane lines utilize power taps and power studs, which are hard-wired to power supplies. But with the new PIBs, OEMs can choose to use pluggable modules instead. The first two PIB models come in a 3U height and offer either one or two 47-pin Positronic hot-pluggable power supply connectors. Also included are power taps for 5V, 3.3V and GND and fastons for 12V and -12V. The PIBs can be attached to the backplane or mounted at the back of the chassis. They interface to the backplane via power bugs with 6/32 screws. Other PIB features include a header for voltage sense and IPMB interface, an auxiliary/disk drive connector, and a power switch header. The sense lines help the supply better regulate the power at the load end. The IPMB interface is compliant to system management spec PICMG 2.9 Rev. 1.0 and power interface spec PICMG 2.11 Reb. 1.0. In addition, the Geographical Addressing on the power supply connector is selectable. Models of the PIBs in a 6U size are also available. For more details and prices, contact Justin Moll at BUSTRONIC CORP., Fremont, CA. (510) 490-7388.

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