Electronic Design

Power I/O Connector Accommodates Heavy Loads

With a current-carrying capacity of 50 A per contact, the Pwr TwinBlade connector system, the latest in a line of power I/O products from FCI, is designed for cabling applications in equipment like wireless basestations, asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) and very-high-data-rate (VDSL) equipment, servers, and storage devices. Options such as right-angle or straight cable exits, four connector coding choices, and support for 6 AWG or 10 AWG wire sizes allow designers to configure the connector system to fit their unique spatial constraints and powers needs.

The Pwr TwinBlade system features a “touch-proof” design and is polarized to assure proper orientation during connector engagement. Cable ends incorporate an active latching system for secure retention to the board-mounted connector that the user can simply “squeeze-to-release” for easy removal. The right-angle version allows use in front I/O applications. Contact the company for price and availability information. To learn more, go to www.fciconnect.com.

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