Electronic Design

Power Module Optimizes Performance For Itanium2 CPU

The HyperQor dc-dc converter module delivers up to 100 A or 130 W in a standard Intel pod package for powering the Itanium2 processor. Operating from a 48-V input, the dc-dc converter generates a programmable 0.9- to 1.7-V output. Full load efficiencies are 87% at 1.5 V and 87-A output and 83% at 1.1 V and 100-A output.

When hit with a load transient of 75 A to 100 A to 75 A, peak output voltage deviation is only 60 mV at a slew rate of 100 A/µs. Moreover, the converter can recover to within ±1% of its programmed output voltage in under 4 µs. With its single-board baseplated design, the module requires minimal derating at high ambient temperatures but allows for heatsinking.

Pricing for the HyperQor starts at $130 in OEM quantities.


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