Electronic Design

Power Modules Go Digital

Ericsson’s second digital-power Advanced Bus Converter platform, the FRIDA II platform, is intended for use with board-mounted DC/DC power modules in telecom and datacom applications. It is built around the capabilities of the 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microprocessor core and integrates hardware and firmware optimized to guarantee the highest efficiency at any point of operation. The platform offers a tightly regulated output voltage of 2% across an operational range from 36V to 75V. FRIDA II also includes proprietary firmware to integrate complex scenarios and the challenges faced by DC/DC board-mounted power supplies in telecom and datacom applications such as in ATCA or AdvancedTCA or remote telecom equipment that is connected to an unstable power grid. ERICSSON INC., Plano, TX. (972) 583-6910/-5254.

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