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Power-Packed Server Takes On Dual Xeon Processors

The FPS-4204-1U PowerServer offers a motherboard design with dual Intel Xeon processors, two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and up to 12 Gbytes of double-data-rate SDRAM in a 1U-high server. The unit is designed and integrated using open-standards-based, off-the-shelf building blocks. It offers a single 64-bit PCI-X slot and 256 kbytes of L2 cache. Internal floppy drives can integrate a variety of mass storage options, including CD-ROM, DVD, floppy drives, or CompactFlash. Onboard interfaces include VGA, mouse, keyboard, serial, and dual USB interfaces. Single-unit pricing for the FPS-4204-1U starts at $1489.

Force Computers
(510) 624-5360

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