Electronic Design

Power/Signal Connector Takes On PCB-To-Wire Apps

SBS75x-PCB-240x160A new right-angle printed-circuit-board (PCB) connector expands Anderson Power Products’ SBS75x family of touch-safe, high-power connectors. This latest entry rounds out the family with its ability to handle PCB-to-wire and wire-to-wire applications. The dual-pole SBS75xPR right-angle connectors incorporates 105-A power contacts and four auxiliary power contacts for applications requiring single or low-power capability up to 20 A. Male signal contacts on the wire side come in four lengths when sequencing is required. They also provide a last mate/first break connection in relation to the power contacts. The touch-safe mating interface provides user protection by eliminating finger contact with live circuits (per UL1977, section 10.2). The device saves space and increases design flexibility by eliminating the need to bring wires to the PCB. Press-fit containers on the housing secure and position the connector to the PCB prior to soldering.


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