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Precision Circular Connectors Claim Unique Keying System

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Manufactured with chrome-plated machined brass bodies, these precision cylindrical connectors are designed for mounting on pc boards, test and measurement systems, motion control equipment, sensors, and more. The 102, 103 and 1031 Series connectors come with up to 7, 12 and 19 gold-plated contacts, respectively, and are said to provide intrinsic shielding for EMI/RFI sensitive applications. The receptacles feature straight solder or crimp contacts and for pc board applications are available with straight or right-angle solder contacts-this option is designed to provide pre-aligned, solderable contacts that reduce assembly cost. A clamp is available for securely mounting the receptacles to boards or panels. The connectors employ a unique semi-circular keying system to make them easy to use and to prevent damage to contacts and insulation materials. And sealed connectors can be intermated with unsealed counterparts. Accessories such as cable strain reliefs and insulation materials also are available.

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