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Press Pads Laminate Multi-Layered Circuit Boards

Used in laminating multi-layer pc boards, flexible circuits, and LCDs, BISCO silicon press pads are claimed to offer a 25 to 100 times longer life than traditional pads made from sheets of brown Kraft paper. The new pads consist of a reinforcement layer of fiberglass cloth encased between two layers of calendered silicon rubber. Standard thickness is 1.6 mm, with the material supplied in widths up to 91.4 cm. The BISCO HT-1500 solid silicone pads can be used at temperatures of 300°F to 350°F and pressures of 250 to 400 psi. The BISCO HT-1510 can be used at pressures from 250 to 400 psi and at temperatures up to 550°F.

Company: ROGERS CORP. - BISCO Materials Unit

Product URL: Click here for more information

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