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Pressure-Mapping System Simplifies LCD/Flat-Panel Development

The Tactilus electronic tactile-force and pressure-indicating sensing system helps designers develop and test LCDs and flat-panel displays. Produced by Sensor Products, it handles any application where pressure lies between 0.007 kg/cm2 and 141 kg/cm2 (0.1 to 2000 psi). Designers can monitor precisely how force is distributed between any two contacting, impacting, or mating surfaces in real time.

The system determines precise pressure distribution points between a pc-board assembly and an LCD panel at the point of bonding. It also can be used to clearly detect inconsistencies in resistor thickness across large-area substrates in the manufacture of hybrid circuits.

Additionally, Tactilus boosts performance analysis between a heatsink (transistor) and heat source. Designers can balance the tradeoff between greater thermal conductivity (more tension at the interface) and substrate cracking due to over-bonding of the LCD and its companion pc-board assembly.

The Windows-based system consists of an electronic sensor element "skin," an interface controller, and software. The 10-mil thick sensing elements, which can be spaced up to 1 mm (0.04 in.) apart, collects data up to 60,000 times/s. The system can be used over flat and curved surfaces.

Tactilus is precalibrated and requires no user training. Requirements include a Windows 95 or higher operating system, 16 Mbytes of free disk space, and 64 Mbytes of RAM. The basic system price starts at $13,000.

Sensor Products Inc.
(973) 884-1755

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