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Probe Adapters Outfit Popular Logic Analyzers

Groomed to outfit established logic analyzers such as Agilent's 167xx series, the LA-BGA92D-DDR2-SDRAM-01 high-performance probing adapters allow probing of 92-pin, DDR2 SDRAM in 19 mm x 11 mm, 0.8-mm BGA packages. The surface-mount foot of the adapter attaches to the same pads used for the IC via standard soldering methods. The foot is available separately, supporting many boards by moving the probing adapter between PCBs. Both the probe board and socket adapter feature gold-plated pins; the male-to-male adapter is also gold plated. Connection from the probe board is via controlled-impedance mictor connectors. Single-unit pricing for the LA-BGA92D-DDR2-SDRAM-01 is $1,050. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Eagan, MN. (800) 404-0204.


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