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Processor And Chip-Set Combo Targets Value PCs

A processor and chip-set combination developed by Intel Corp. will function as a hardware building block for value PC designs. According to the company, the 800-MHz Celeron processor is the first Intel desktop value PC processor to include a 100-MHz system bus. This is a dramatic increase from the conventional 66-MHz bus.

This combination of processor and bus technology provides designers with a wider communications path between the processor and the rest of the system for faster overall performance. The Celeron processor is designed for consumer PCs that are typically priced below $1000.

The 810E2 chip set further supports the processor configuration. This set extends a variety of Intel technology innovations to the value PC market. It includes an advanced I/O controller and supports ATA-100 Ultra DMA hard drives. Also, it offers USB controllers to support four "plug-and-play" ports for system attachments and other consumer items.

Interested OEMs can obtain two desktop boards that support the 810E2 chip set. Known as the microATX D810E2CA3 and the FlexATX Intel Desktop Board D810E2CB, both boards support the Pentium III and Celeron processors.

The Celeron processor costs $170 in 1000-unit quantities. In similar quantities, the 810E2 chip set costs $27.

Intel Corp., 2200 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119; (408) 765-8080; fax (408) 765-9904; www.intel.com.

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