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Processor Board Bridges TDM And IP

The CPC308 TDM/IP Edge processor is designed for equipment manufacturers and system integrators looking to bridge traditional TDM and emerging IP markets. Providing eight ports, the board is suited for both PSTN and IP telephony applications. It comes with the NexusWare Core, a Linux-based board support package that includes a suite of carrier-grade device drivers, an application programming interface, and drivers for communicating over TCP/IP. Cross development support for Linux, Windows, and Solaris are also available. Other board features include a 667-MHz PowerPC processor and the ability to handle voice circuits for protocol processing or for transfers between the H.110 bus, PCI bus, Ethernet, or the onboard PTMC sites. Pricing starts at $5,795. PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES, Rochester, NY. (805) 783-6047.


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