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Processor Core Eyes Portable/SOC Designs

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The pT-120 32-bit RISC processor core is the latest addition to the company's picoTurbo microprocessor family. It is aimed at 3G wireless Internet access devices, personal digital assistants, advanced digital consumer devices, high-end set-top boxes, video processing, high-performance routers, and DSL/cable modems. The core has a low-power design that includes an enhanced cache controller with configurable 0 to 64 KB of data cache and 0 to 64 KB of configurable instruction cache.
It is optimized for SOC designs that require very high frequency, enhanced cache operation, and branch prediction. Key features of the core include the ability to execute ARM-version 4T instructions, code compression, DSP extensions, and fast context switching. A development board and simulator will be available for fast, flexible and accurate design. The pT-120 core is available for licensing and will be delivered as a hard (GDS-2 format), firm (netlist) or soft (RTL) core.

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