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Processor Executes All Major Wireless Standards

Claimed to be the first baseband processor capable of executing all major wireless standards, including for CDMA, GSM, iDEN and TDMA wireless devices, as well as satellite-based products, the DSP56690 IC integrates a digital signal processor (DSP) core and an M•CORE microcontroller to deliver the processing performance needed to complete a wireless exchange. The new baseband processor is designed to let OEMs standardize their manufacturing plans around one key component, regardless of the market they're currently focused on. And the chip's large ROM space and strong peripheral set allows the processor to be configured to meet the needs of OEMs worldwide. The processor supports both mid-to-high and low tier wireless applications, as well as those built around new software standards, such as Sun's Java. Among DSP56690's key components are an advanced Layer 1 timing module, a USB module, an AMPS accelerator module, and a burst-mode flash interface. The bulk of the processor's processing duties are divided between the DSP core running at over 100 MHz and the 32-bit µC operating at over 50 MHz, with communications between the two cores conducted via a shared RAM memory block interface. The chip comes in a 225-pin BGA package, with limited sample quantities and a development board presently available.


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