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Processor Module Uses Intel's Low Voltage Chips

The new PSL09 Processor PCI Mezzanine card (PrPMC) is a high-performance processor module powered by Intel's Pentium M processor Low Voltage at 1.4 GHz. For very low power application requirements, the PSL09 is also available with an Intel Celeron M processor Ultra Low Voltage. Ideal usage is for embedded applications that need a Windows XP graphical user interface like I/O management, data management or packet processing. The module supports a 33/66 MHz PCI bus and incorporates sophisticated power management technology, a VGA interface and 256 MB of 333 MHz DDR SDRAM with optional ECC. It also includes four USB 2.0 ports, two serial ATA channels and two Fast Ethernet ports. The PSL09 supports Monarch and non-Monarch modes for increased flexibility. In Monarch mode, the PSL09 acts as the host on the PCI bus, controlling the carrier board to which it is attached. If the embedded application needs a processor module with higher performance it can be easily changed without a redesign of the carrier board. In non-Monarch mode, the PSL09 acts as a slave processor module creating, with the host processor on the carrier board, a loosely coupled multi-processing capability adding additional computing power for demanding applications. Standard temperature range for the board is 0° C to 50° C and for the extended temperature version is -40°C to 55°C. Operating systems supported by the PSL09 include Linux, VxWorks and Windows XP. Pricing in single quantities starts at $2,140. SBS TECHNOLOGIES INC., Albuquerque, NM. (800) 727-1553.


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