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Processor Streamlined For Use In Communications Apps

Developed for powering networking and other communications equipment, such as SOHO routers, LAN switches and xDSL residential gateways, the RC32334 chip represents the first implementation of the RC32300 CPU core architecture. Capable of performing 197 dhrystone MIPS at its top operational speed of 150 MHz, the high-performance processor also boasts of a PCI bus interface operating up to 66 MHz, a flexible memory controller, and standard general-purpose system modules, including a DMA controller, interrupt controller, and serial ports. The CPU can also eliminate the need for hand-tuning software.
At the heart of the integrated processor is the IDT Peripheral Bus (IPBus). Transparent to designers and serving as the processor's internal backbone, the IPBus functions as the glue that allows a simplified design methodology to be used for integrating intellectual property (IP) modules around the 32-bit CPU core. It supports both reuse of designs and integration of high-bandwidth peripherals and a variety of processor cores and IPs from various sources. It also provides a high-bandwidth data interface.
The RC32334 chip is housed in a 256-pin BGA package and implements boundary scan JTAG to simplify manufacturing of BGA-based boards. In 10,000-unit quantities, 100-, 133- and 150-MHz versions of the chip cost $19, $21 and $24 each, respectively.


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