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Product Line Expands For VME, CompactPCI And VXI Accessories

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Expanding on its offering of VME, CompactPCI, and VXI system accessories, the companyÕs new accessories include front panels, handles, and system and voltage monitors. Also new are test extender boards for VME, VME64x, CompactPCI, and VXI, as well as load boards for VME, VME64x, and CompactPCI. A new VXI system monitor indicates the presence of installed cards and senses power supply output voltages for +24V, +12V, +5V, +5V Standby, -2V, -5.2V, -12V, and -24V. And a new VME/VXI voltage monitor observes the status of +5V, +12V, and -12V. Rounding out the line are form factor extenders in VME and VME64x, adapter boards, busbar kits, and more. The company will also offer ElmaÕs standard VME and CompactPCI front panels and various types of standard injector/ejector handles. BUSTRONIC, Fremont, CA. (510) 490-7388.

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