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Profibus DP Master Includes Local Controller And Processor

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Adding to the company's line of PC•MIP mezzanine cards, the P6 is a complete Profibus DP master interface that includes a Siemens ASPC2 controller and a Motorola MC68331 microprocessor. The board is fully compatible with the PVCI bus and its DIN19245-compliant Profibus interface can function as either a class 1 or class 2 DP master.
Being a Type-II mezzanine card as defined by the PC•MIP standard, I/O signals are routed only to the front D-Subminiature connector. The RS-485 Profibus interface is optically isolated to reduce interference, and the card comes with user-friendly LEDs.
Included firmware behaves like a state machine and is loaded by the host system's CPU into the board's shared DRAM each time the system starts up. Single unit pricing is $495.

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