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Programmable Analog Arrays Reconfigurable On-The-Fly

The launch of the AN220E04 gives designers the industry’s first field-programmable analog array (FPAA) that can be dynamically reconfigured to allow real-time control, updating and manipulation of analog functions by microprocessors. The FPAA can be used to replace discrete components and analog ASIC/ASSP devices for signal conditioning, filtering, data acquisition, closed-loop control, and other analog applications. The AN220E04 FPAA debuts as the silicon component of Anadigmvortex, a product family that combines a powerful EDA tool, configurable analog modules (CAMs), and programmable silicon. The EDA tool, called AnadigmDesigner2, reportedly enables the dynamically reconfigurable analog circuits to be designed and implemented within a matter of minutes. Based on a fully differential switched capacitor technology with an analog switch fabric, the AN220E04 packs on-chip differential-in/differential-out op amps, a high-speed comparator, dual capacitor arrays, an 8-bit SAR, look-up table, and programmable counter. Packaged in 44-pin QFPs, the new FPAA has a starting price of $15 each/10K, with an evaluation kit containing a development board, entry-level software and documentation costing $499. ANADIGM INC., Campbell, CA. (408) 879-6677.


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