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Programmable Clock Generators Help Cut Lead Time

With the InstaClock clock chip and self-service programming kit from Cypress Semiconductor, designers can program InstaClock samples with any configuration in a set of defined frequencies in less than a minute, eliminating the lead-time of waiting for custom-programmed parts or for a mask change. Another key benefit is that the kit reduces the number of components necessary for multiple frequencies by providing the same footprint for a wide range of configurations and applications. The reprogrammable InstaClock chips feature EMI reduction and VCXO capabilities, and support frequencies used in Ethernet, PCI, USB, HDTV, and audio applications.

The CY36800 programming kit provides access to the most commonly used clock frequencies with a simple software selection and supplies a standard part number that can be ordered from authorized distributors. Additional configurations and frequencies are available as online downloads. The kit allows for instant programming of CY22800 InstaClock samples, meaning the same device can be used to address many common applications for programmable clocks in end-user systems and many crystal- or oscillator-generated frequencies in those systems. By allowing for self-serve programming, the kit enables engineers to streamline the process of tuning clocks and to reduce the development cycle as clock requirements and board designs change during prototype development.

“Cypress’s new InstaClock Programmable Clock Generator delivers a significant reduction in lead time for custom programmable clocks, giving designers the ability to simply configure samples in a matter of minutes if their board design changes, instead of waiting days for a supplier to do so,” said Scott Harmel, vice president for Cypress’s General Purpose Clocks business unit. “The reduction in inventory provided by InstaClock is equally powerful: Instead of ordering five different parts for five different sockets, customers can order a single part number to support different configurations, and perform only one device qualification.” The CY36800 InstaClock programmable clock generator kit contains:

• Five samples of the CY22800 general purpose InstaClock
• A programmer board with USB connector and a USB cable
• A CD-ROM containing software and ordering information

The CY22800 general-purpose InstaClock features:

• General-purpose clock synthesizer: microprocessor, USB, Ethernet, PCI, HDTV, digital audio, and other standard frequencies
• EMI Reduction: Programmable spread spectrum from ±0.25% to ±2.0% and Lexmark Profile for maximum EMI reduction
• VCXO: Pull-range of ±150 ppm provides flexible crystal selection

The CY36800 InstaClock programmable clock generator kit is available free of charge from authorized Cypress distributors, or for $19.95 from the Cypress Online Store. For more information on the kit, to order, or to download a high-resolution image of the kit, visit www.cypress.com/InstaClock. The CY22800 general-purpose InstaClock is available in an 8-pin SOIC package and is currently in production.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

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