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Programmable DSP Performs 24 Billion Operations/s

Designed for high-performance DSP applications, the new Manta DSP can perform 24 billion operations per second (Bops). The chip integrates the 2040XL DSP core with PCI, SDRAM and MIPS SysA/D bus I/O onto a single chip. At 150 MHz, the Manta chip provides 1.3 Gflop performance. Targeted at Internet, multimedia and wireless communications development, the chip is available only as an evaluation platform.
The company also offers various software and hardware development tools including a software development kit (SDK), the Jordan evaluation board (EVB), and the Manta Xemulator hardware emulator. Designers can use these tools to evaluate, specify and develop SOC implementations using any of the the company's programmable DSP cores.
The SDK integrates the compiler, assembler, linker, loader, debugger and simulator tools into a seamless environment for DSP application development. With it, users can convert C, C++ and Matlab files into the company's ManArray assembly code for DSP applications. The Jordan EVB is a PCI card that contains up to a 266 MB/s PCI bus, a 1 GB/s memory interface to 64 MB of SDRAM and a 400-MB/s interface to a QED RM5231 MIPS RISC controller. The Manta Xemulator is an emulation tool that offers an RTL implementation of the Manta chip in FPGAs, including the PCI, SDRAM and MIPS SysA/D bus interface peripherals.
Available immediately, the SDK is priced from $4,995 per seat, and the Jordan EVB (bundled with the SDK) is priced at $9,995 per seat. The Manta Xemulator is available 14 to 16 weeks ARO and is bundled with the SDK at $24,995 per unit including a support and maintenance agreement.


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