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Programmable Oscillator Locks-In Frequency Setting

Built on a 60-mm2 circuit board module, the LPO400A 400-MHz Locking Programmable Oscillator Module generates a low-noise sine wave from 200 kHz to 400 MHz and ECL-level clock outputs. The output frequency is programmable in 1 Hz steps over a serial communications interface, and the settings can be saved in the non-volatile EEPROM and will remain after the power is cycled. The phase of the output signal is also programmable with a resolution of 14 bits. An internal temperature-compensated crystal oscillator is stable to better than 2 ppm per year. The oscillator can be locked to an external frequency reference to provide system accuracy and stability equal to the reference. The oscillator runs from a single 3.3V supply and mounts easily to a system circuit board. Price is $395 each/100. NOVATECH INSTRUMENTS INC., Seattle, WA. (206) 301-8986.


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