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Programmable Stepper Drive Suits Simple Motor Control Apps

The D404 stepper drive employs constant current bi-polar chopping with full on-board programmability to effectively drive and control hybrid stepper motor applications. Rated at 40 Vdc input and 4A per phase output, the D404 can be configured for full-step, half-step, quarter-step and 1/8th-step resolution. With 13 inputs including two configurable IO ports, the drive can receive and respond to signals from external system components. All of its input can be converted to PLC logic-level inputs with the flip of a jumper, providing an easy interface with any PLC device. An easy-to-use programming language lets users create and store motion profiles including acceleration, deceleration, hold and run current, position targets and slew velocity. Other simple commands let users respond to input signals from the external system and drive secondary devices such as relays or solenoids based on the needs of the system. The D404 is suited for simple motion control applications such as chemical test stations, dispensing equipment, feed and cut, and multi-axis lifts. For further information and pricing, contact Karen Russo, EADMOTORS, Dover, NH. (603) 742-3330.


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