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Programmable Tri-Color Touch-Screen Display Is Ultra Thin

product pic

Boasting of an in-panel depth of just 1.26'', the GT-10 tri-color, ultra-thin touch-screen display is available with background colors of red, green or orange so that equipment conditions, for example, can be recognized at a glance. Capable of storing up to 160 screens of information, the touch LCD can display graphics, data from the company’s PLCs, and the condition of lamps and switches for a variety of operations.
The display can also be connected to a custom controller board or PC through the company’s General Purpose Serial mode. Any language that can send ASCII strings over RS-232C, such as BASIC, C, Pascal, and Assembler, can be used to program the touch-panel. Dimensions of the unit are 5.67'' x 2.84''.

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