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Proto Boards Aid Analog, Digital And Processor Circuit Design

Claimed to be ideal for analog, digital and microprocessor circuit design, the Model PB-503 and PB503C feature a removable breadboard area and optional breadboard socket plate. They feature high and low buffered-logic LED indicators, eight individual, selectable logic switches offering settings of +5V, +V, and ground, and a 100-kHz function generator with continuously variable sine, square and triangle waveforms. In addition, the units feature a TTL pulse, a triple output power supply, two digital pulsers, audio speaker, single-pole double-throw switches, potentiometers, and debounced pushbutton switches.
Both boards are identical except that the PB503C comes with a rugged case for those who need to take the system with them. The boards are priced at $299.95 for the PB-503 and $349.95 for the PB503C.


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