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Protocol Processing Board Provides Eight T1/E1 Spans

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Designed to meet the high-speed, high-availability requirements of emerging telecom and datacom applications such as signaling gateways, H.323 gateways, computer telephony integration and wireless communications infrastructure, BajaSpan is a protocol processing T1/E1 CompactPCI board that provides up to eight T1 or E1 spans for connectivity and up to four PowerQUICC processors for processing voice and protocol data. The board combines two or four 66-MHz Motorola MPC860MH or MPC860SAR PowerQUICC processors and includes integrated CSU/DSUs for a powerful voice/data-processing engine. It also features a 32-bit PMC expansion interface that makes it easy for designers to add custom and off-the-shelf third-party PMC cards. An H.100/H.110 TDM bus interface is also standard, providing an efficient switching fabric and deterministic means of moving voice and protocol data within the system.

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