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Prototyping Service Plugs Microvias On Multilayer PC Boards

A new prototyping service is available for plugging high-density multilayer pc boards that utilize micro via technology. The technology eliminates the need for through-hole plating and results in highly-miniaturized pc boards with blind, buried and through-hole vias. It is suited for the production of compact electronic systems and equipment, such as cellular communication products, telecomm devices, consumer electronics, pagers, automotive electronics, PCs, computer peripheral equipment, and add-on boards.
The prototyping service is intended to "boot strap" the process, showing both designers and manufacturers alike how the process is done and demonstrating what types of benefits can be achieved. Using micro via technology, pc board designers can replace traditional fan-out designs with via-in-pad designs, thereby using less board space. The result is high density products without sacrifice in performance, it's claimed.

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