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Electronic Design

Pushbutton PCB Terminal Blocks

Wago-804PCB-ATo circumnavigate common European requirements that limit ground circuits from crossing the printed-circuit board (PCB), WAGO Corp. developed a series of pushbutton PCB terminal blocks offering jumper-free commoning. Thus, it will support those manufacturers exporting LED devices and industrial electronics. The modular 804 series features factory-assembled strips that include grounding for up to four clamping units via internal communing. The devices provide tool-free, PUSH WIRE terminations for solid and ferruled conductors (AWG 28-12). Pushbuttons simplify insertion/removal for fine-stranded conductors, as well as removal of all conductor types. Their modular design reduces wiring errors in LED-based applications. Individual poles can be color-coded to match component wiring. The 804 series is rated for 300 V/10 A, or up to 600 V/20 A (factory wiring). Units come in 5-mm (2 to 16 poles) or 7.5-mm (2 to 12 poles) pin spacing.


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