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PWM Amplifier's Switching Frequency Is Selectable Over A Broad Range

User-selectable internal PWM frequency is offered in the SA60, a full-bridge PWM amplifier packaged in a 1.2" x 0.87" SIP design. By using an external capacitor, the switching frequency can be programmed by the user between 22 and 125 kHz in analog mode and up to 500 kHz in digital mode. For full analog systems, the device can be wired as a complete analog system. For digital input, an external TTL-compatible PWM signal controls polarity with one bit and on/off with a second bit. Two current-sense pins provide the means for simultaneous amplitude and direction control for brush-type motor drive applications. The PWM amp can operate over a wide supply range (up to 80V), which translates to a power delivery of up to 800W to the load. An evaluation kit- the EK06- is available for easy prototyping. The kit includes a pc board, a heat sink and hardware.


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