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PWM Controllers Slash Converter Device Count

By packing a host of control and protection features into a tiny package, the CS-5124 and CS-5126 PWM controllers reportedly can reduce board space requirements by up to 40% and external component counts by as many as 14 in sub-50W dc-to-dc converters based on industry-standard 384X PWM controllers. The new fixed-frequency, current-mode PWMs modulate the duty cycle of an external N-channel FET switch to provide accurate dc output voltage regulation in forward and flyback topologies. Each controller offers different power system design features, with CS-5124 having a voltage bias pin and CS-5126 a clock synchronization pin. And both have oscillators, with CS-5124 operating at a 400-kHz nominal frequency and CS-5126, 200 kHz. The ICs can operate over a 7.7V to 20V range and come in 8-lead SO narrow packages.


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