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PWM DC Motor Drivers Cut Cost, Board Real Estate

The SA303-IHZ and SA53-IHZ expand the Apex Precision Power family of high-current pulse-width modulated (PWM) ICs for driving three-phase brush and brushless dc motors. The ICs reduce per unit cost by up to 40% for industrial motor applications such as fans, pumps, and robotics operating on supplies up to 60 V and requiring output current in the 3-A range (10 A peak). The SA303-IHZ is for brushless dc motors with a 10- to 60-V single supply, and the SA53-IHZ is for brush dc motors with a similar supply voltage. The devices’ 64-pin Power Quad package provides a footprint of less than 2 cm square, which is up to 70% less board space compared to alternative discrete solutions with comparable power requirements. The use of PWM, or switching technology, further minimizes power dissipation by allowing the overall operating system to run cooler, which also increases long-term reliability. The ICs’ maximum switching frequency of 100 kHz also allows the use of smaller filter components. The SA303-IHZ costs $5.86, and the SA53-IHZ costs $4.79 in quantities of 10,000. Sample and production quantities are available now. CIRRUS LOGIC INC., Austin, TX. (408) 398-9700.


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