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PXA290 Embedded Module Consumes Little Power, Space

Measuring just 2.6 by 1 by 0.16 in., the Triton-290 (see the figure) is the world's smallest Intel/Marvel "Monahans P" system-on-module (SOM), according to Strategic Test. The embedded CPU module contains an 806-MHz PXA290 processor coupled with 64 Mbytes of SDRAM and 128 Mbytes of flash memory. It uses a 200-pin small-outline dual-inline memory-module (SODIMM) connector and features an extended temperature range of -25°C to 85°C. The module runs on 1.8-V ultra-low power and consumes only 2 mW in sleep mode. As did the earlier PXA270 and PXA255 Triton modules, the Triton-290 includes a high-efficiency programmable CPU power supply. The module's 16-bit A/A/D multiplexed external memory interface allows additional memory to be placed on the carrier board. The Triton-290 also incorporates a DS1339 real-time clock and can be driven by a single 3.3- to 5-V supply. An onboard regulator can supply 3.3-V components located on the carrier board. The device complies with the RoHS lead-free regulations. A complete development kit running Linux 2.6.17 and Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 simplifies design.

Through a combination of software and firmware, users can choose from seven signal mappings to obtain the required processor features. Peripherals available include: Mobile Scalable Link (a new Intel technology designed for high-speed serial data exchange between handsets and mobile devices), Quick Capture Interface, USB 1.1 Host, USB 2.0 Client, PWM (4), 4-bit SD I/O, USIM card, keypad controller, UART (3), AC'97/I2C, SSP (3), and enhanced LCD controller for direct connection to a display, I2C, and JTAG.

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