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PXI Boards Deliver Several Firsts

Further expanding the PXI platform for precision DC applications in the realm of semiconductor parametric tests and device/component validation, the company offers its first PXI source measure unit (SMU) and what it calls the industry’s highest-density PXI switches. The PXI-4130 power SMU is a programmable, high-power 3U PXI module featuring a single, isolated SMU channel with a four-quadrant ±20V output that integrates remote four-wire sense. The channel sources up to 40W in quadrants I and III and sinks up to 10W in quadrants II and IV. An additional power-supply channel for voltage and current source and read back pairs the SMU with a power supply on a single PXI module. Other features include a measurement resolution down to 1 nA. The PXI-2535 and PXI-2536 switch modules offer 544 crosspoints, allegedly the largest matrix density available for a single 3U PXI slot. The PXI-2535 comes as a 4x136 one-wire matrix and the NI PXI-2536 as an 8x68 one-wire matrix. Based on FET technology, the modules provide unlimited mechanical lifetimes, unlimited simultaneous connections, and switching speeds as high as 50,000 crosspoints per second. Price for the PXI-4130 SMU starts at $2,4999 and pricing for the PXI-2535 and PXI-2536 switches starts at $2,999. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (800) 258-7022.


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