Electronic Design

PXI Communications Controller Supports MOST150 Standard

PXI 6161-A
The PXI 6161 is said to be the only worldwide PXI communication controller that supports the MOST150 standard. Software and hardware are offered on a single-source basis allowing users the flexible configuration required for their individual requirements. An optional break out module facilitates the connection of additional resources such as the Electronic Control Line (ECL) or trigger lines. In addition to the PXI version, Goepel offers the module as USB variant. The card’s intelligent PowerPC architecture allows access to two onboard integrated network interface controllers (INIC OS81110) to ensure the MOST internal communication as well as monitoring of MOST contents. The PXI 6161 has been optimized for applications in the end-of-line area (e.g. screening, validation), offering numerous functionalities to implement various test scenarios. As many MOST networks as required can be generated by utilizing several modules in a PXI system. One module can be configured as master, slave or spy, allowing for any facets of ECL, which can be actively initiated or passively responded.  For multibus applications, there are two configurable interfaces able to send and process CAN and LIN messages in parallel to the MOST communication. The standard Ethernet interface allows the routing of MOST information on the MOST Ethernet channel. Simultaneously, an add-on board allows the use of DVI or S/PDIF signals for multimedia applications. Supported by an onboard API, users may install and execute self-generated program codes on the module.


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