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PXI/cPCI Controllers Can Hit Speeds Of 700 MHz

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The PXI-8170 Series of PXI/cPCI controllers incorporates Pentium III processors that operate at speeds of 450 MHz (PXI-8170/450) and 700 MHz (PXI-8170/700) in conjunction with the BX chipset. Housed in a 3U package, the cards can be ordered with: integrated AGP video; 64 to 256 MB of 100-MHz SDRAM; a floppy-disk drive; ultra DMA33 hard drive; keyboard, mouse and USB ports; and serial and parallel ports.The controllers are claimed to deliver more than twice the overall computing performance of the company's PXI-8156B Series controllers. Additional features include MMX technology, a 16K/16K non-blocking L2 cache, and a 512-KB L2 cache in the 450-MHz version and a 256-KB advanced transfer cache in the 700-MHz version.

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