Electronic Design

PXIe RAID Streams At 600 Mbytes/s

The move to PCI Express with PXIe has spawned a set of bandwidth-hungry modules especially for the soft radio and video applications. Providing storage for streaming data at these rates for platforms is not easy, but the NI HDD-8264 does just that. The NI HDD-8264 is a 12-drive, external RAID system with an external enclosure and a PXIe adapter board. The two are connected by an x4 PCI Express cable. The enclosure houses a dozen 3.5-in 250 Gbyte SATA II hard drivers for a total of 3 Tbytes. The system can sustain a transfer rate of 600 Mbytes/s for up to 2 Tbytes of data. The enclosure fits into a 2U 19-in rack. Related Links National Instruments

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