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PXIe Synch Module/Remote Controller Set Performance Benchmarks

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, MAY 2011 –  The NI PXIe-6674T timing module embarks as the industry’s highest performance timing and synchronization module while the PXIe-PCIe8388 controller is tromboned as the industry’s first 8 GB/s/direction remote controller. The PXIe-6674T timing module generates and routes clocks and triggers between devices in a PXI Express chassis as well as externally route signals to other PXI and PXI Express chassis or third-party instrumentation. It generates two types of clock signals: a stable 10-MHz clock based on an onboard precision OCXO reference with a 50 ppb accuracy and a clock up to 1 GHz with µHz resolution from the direct digital synthesis (DDS) clock generation circuit. It also features advanced trigger and timing routing with PXIe DSTAR differential star trigger lines that offer less than 500 ps skews and 10 ns of delays. The PXIe-PCIe8388 kit uses a x16 Gen 2 PCI Express link that provides up to 8 GB/s/direction of sustained throughput. Engineers can use the NI PXIe-PCIe8388 remote controller to control PXI Express systems from a x16 Gen 2 PCI Express slot in an NI rack-mount controller. Prices for the PXIe-6674T and PXIe-PCIe8388 start at $3,999 and $3,799, respectively. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (800) 258-7022.

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