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QNX Supports SMP On PowerPCs

The QNX real-time operating system (RTOS) can now deliver full symmetric multi-processing (SMP) capability to MotorolaÕs MPC7450 processors and can provide support for up to 64 GB address spaces. In addition, the new version of the RTOS also offers board support packages for reference platforms based on the processor, including the Sandpoint evaluation system and the Marvel EV-64260-2XMPC7450 SMP development system. The MPC processors can be added to a board design, with the related applications requiring no code modification as everything is addressed by the QNX microkernel. With built-in distributed processing, the QNX RTOS eases the creation of high-availability clusters of SMP cards. For more information and prices, contact QNX SOFTWARE SYSTEMS, Kanata, Ontario, Canada. (800) 676-0566.


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