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Quad Board Runs At 16 GFLOPS

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With a 400 MHz Motorola MPC7400 G4 PowerPC CPU, the VSS4 quad-CPU board with the company's hand-optimized Scientific Subroutine Library is tuned to deliver up to 16 GFLOPS of performance straight to DSP and array processing applications. The board supports both VxWorks and Linux SMP.
The G4 provides unprecedented compute performance in a low-power, low-heat package. It incorporates a 128-bit vector processing unit using Motorola's AltiVec technology and up to 2 MB of L2 cache.
The company is also offering the MPC7400 G4 CPU on all of its PowerPC-based VME and Compact PCI CPU boards, all of which are capable of delivering in excess of gigaflop performance.

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