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Quad PowerPC VME Board Targets Next Generation DSP Apps

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With an eye towards next generation embedded digital signal processing applications, the Model 4294 board features four MPC7400 PowerPC processors with AltiVec technology and provides up to 14 GFLOPS of signal processing capacity. The board also provides a number of high-speed interfaces, including VIM, PCI, RACEway, VME64 and Ethernet.
Each processor is provided with three types of local memory—2 MB of level 2 cache, 16 MB of SDRAM, and 1 MB of nonvolatile flash memory—as well as with its own VIM connector that provides a private, synchronous bi-directional FIFO to buffer 32-bit parallel data transfers between the mezzanine and the processor. The board's architecture includes three 64-bit PCI buses, an inter-processor bus, a global bus for shared SDRAM, and an I/O bus with interfaces to VME, Ethernet, RS-232 and RACEway/RACE++. Available in the second quarter of 2001, Model 4294 board carries a starting price of $15,995.

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