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Quad SHARC DSP Board Arrives On PC/104 Bus

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A quad SHARC-based DSP board is now available for PC/104 embedded system designers. Capable of performing 480 MFLOPS, the Silvertip Quad PC/104 combines four 40-MHz ADSP-2106x SHARC DSPs and an industry-standard PC/104 interface and form factor.The board, which is also offered in a dual-SHARC configuration, delivers the ruggedness required for embedded systems in industrial and military applications. It packs 512k x 32 of SRAM, as well as 1 Mbyte of flash memory for hostless boots, fast boots, or user non-volatile data storage. There's also a pair of SHARC serial ports and six 40-Mbyte link ports for connecting with link-port-compatible devices, such as the bitsi/104 mezzanine interface and the other SHARCs. Source code development tools for the board include Analog Devices' SHARC ANSI-compliant C compiler, assembler, linker, simulator and source code debugger.

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