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Quarter Bricks Convert 48V To <1V In One Stage

Conversion of a 48V bus voltage directly down to a sub-volt level promises to help make QL48 dc/dc converters useful companions of new low-voltage integrated circuits mounted on pc boards for telecomm, datacomm and server equipment. By using a one-stage conversion process, the new 30A converters are said to eliminate the cost, board space and efficiency penalties incurred by existing, two-step convertersÑthe latter must first convert the 48V down to 5V or 3.3V and then to the 1.2V or less required by the new ICs.QL48 dc/dc converters are available in standard output voltages of 1.2V, 1.0V and 0.8V and deliver 30A with no derating up to ambient temperatures of 70¡C at an airflow of only 100 LFM. They come in an open frame package that does not require a heatsink and that measures 36.8" x 58.4" x 0.26" high and weighs only 0.95 oz. Both surface-mount (QL48S30) and through-hole (QL48T30) models are available. The converters also offer input under-voltage lockout, remote on/off, and various other features. Price: $92 each/1,000. For more details, call Bob Cantrell at DI/DT INC., Carlsbad, CA. (866) 969-3438.

Company: DI/DT INC

Product URL: Click here for more information

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