Electronic Design

Race++ Board Packs Pair Of FPGAs And PowerPCs

The PowerRace-3 provides direct Race++ links to two 533-MHz 440X PowerPC processors and two Xilinx Virtex Pro FPGAs. Each FPGA has a pair of 405 PowerPC cores for a total of six PowerPC processors on a single board. Each FPGA provides two 256-Mbyte double-data-rate memory banks and two Race++ links, so each processor can act as a Race++ node. The 440X Power PCs have a PCI-to-Race++ bridge that also services the matching 64-bit, 33-MHz PMC slots. One of the 440X Power PCs also shares the PCI bus with a Tundra Univ IIB that connects to the VME P1/P2 connectors. Each 440X offers 256 Mbytes of RAM, 4 Mbytes of flash, a Fast Ethernet port, and four serial ports. One of the 440X's Ethernet ports also handles 1-Gbit connections. Pricing for the PowerRace-3 starts at $17,500.


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