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Rack-Mount CompactPCI 3U Enclosure Has Eight Slots

The VMICPCI-310 is an aluminum 3U rack-mount, 19" enclosure with one system slot and seven user-available I/O slots, as well as a 320W supply unit. The backplane has a system slot on the right-most end of the board. One slot, next to a system slot, is skipped with the remaining seven user slots placed side-by-side across the backplane. This accommodates larger CPU modules without sacrificing a peripheral slot. FDD and IDE HDD units connect to the system board through cables rather than using a separate board module in one of the 3U CompactPCI slots.The backplane design is a 2-mm thick, eight-layer pc board with strength enough to sustain repeated plug and unplug cycling of the CPU and I/O boards. Signal quality is also guaranteed by careful backplane trace layout. The chassis can accommodate a CPU module of up to four 3U CompactPCI slots while using only one system slot. I/O board dimensions are typically 160 mm x 100 mm for single-slot boards. The unit has application in a variety of markets, including telecomm, simulation, test and measurement, and data acquisition and control.

Company: VMIC

Product URL: Click here for more information

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