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Rack-Mount Network Enclosure Stands Only 1.7" High

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Designed for Internet and intranet data networking systems, Model 6821 ultra-thin enclosure sports a 1U height and allows 42 units to fit in a standard 6' high, 19" rack cabinet. The unit features a 1.44-MB floppy-disk drive, CD-ROM drive, and a 2.5" x 0.5" horizontal internal drive bay behind a latchable door. The chassis can be fitted with either a 150W ac or 250W dc ATX auto-select-output power supply. Input voltage is 90 to 132 Vac and 180 to 264 Vac, auto-selectable from 47 to 63 Hz. The enclosure’s backplane provides one PCI/ISA CPU slot and either a PCI or ISA slot. Cooling is achieved via a positive-pressure system that incorporates four 4-cfm fans plus a power supply exhaust fan. The system is configured with the company’s single-board computer (SBC) based on the 440BX chipset using either a 433 or 566 MHz Celeron processor or a Pentium III up to 850 MHz. Either configuration supports up to 512 MB of SDRAM. Price is $1,280 with delivery from four to six weeks.

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