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Rack-Mount Systems Test Power Supplies

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AC/DC and DC/DC Rackmount Power Supply Test Systems are available in three versions, the EL-DCSYSR for dc/dc and VRM power supplies, the EL-ACSYSR for ac/dc power supplies, and the EL-ADSYSR for a combination of both ac/dc and dc/dc supplies. These systems can be used to test voltage regulator modules (VRMs) and interface with burn-in and HALT/HASS systems. Capabilities include testing of up to 12 outputs and power capability into the kW range. Typical systems include POWERWIN software for ac/dc and dc/dc, and VRM testing along with rack-mount chassis, keyboard-mouse, monitor, required boards, GPIB programmable ac source, test fixtures and loads. AT THE SITE: photos and descriptions.

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