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Rad-Hardened 6-Bit µC Packs SEU Hardened SRAM

Operating at 20 MHz and offering 1 KB of on-board SEU hardened SRAM, UT80CRH196KD RadHard MicroController also has software and hardware timers, synchronous and asynchronous UARTs, high-speed capture inputs and outputs, and three pulse-width modulated outputs. An on-board ALU supports fast 16-bit multiples and 16- and 32-bit divides, in addition to logical and arithmetic operations. The combination of hardware utilities and on-board ALU makes the µC well-suited for closed-loop control systems and mid-range digital signal processing applications. The microcontroller is compatible with the MCS-96 instruction set, and designers can use a range of integrated, industry-standard development tools, such as C/C++ compilers, assemblers, and ROM monitor debuggers, for the UT80CRH196KD.


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