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Radar Scan Converter Delivers 2,048 x 2,048 Resolution

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Introduced as the industry's first true commercial-off-the-shelf 2k x 2k PCI radar scan converter, the Advantage 2k PCI card works with the Raptor PCI graphics controller from Tech-Source to provide radar video directly onto a 2.048 x 2,048 resolution display. The scan converter accepts rho-theta format data from up to three independent radars and converts them to raster format.
The card can also accept decompressed data, allowing each operator to generate a view at any scale or off-center distance. Implementing the company's reverse scan conversion technology on a ColdFire 90 MHz processor enables a conversion rate of 3 Mpixels/s, variable persistence, multiple radar windows, image rotation in 0.18° steps, 360° rho-theta stores, and an on-board, frame-storage space of 4 MB.

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