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RadioScape Subsystem Outfits Clock Radios

Unveiled as the first member of a new family of subsystems, the RSC03 is a complete DAB/FM clock radio subsystem that requires just an external power supply, speaker, LCD, button board, and enclosure to complete a product. The need for a motherboard is eliminated as the power supply and audio amplifiers are integrated into the subsystem. Additional features include an auto backlight dimming option, off-air time update, automatic daylight saving functions, three programmable alarms, five presets, and sleep/snooze functions. Individual alarm volumes can be programmed to specific levels, independently of the main volume. Additionally, a large-character custom LCD is available in blue STN and blue or amber TN. The LCD and subsystem form a single unit measuring only 109 mm x 50 mm x 32 mm. RADIOSCAPE LTD., London, UK. +44 (0) 207 224 1586.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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